Wednesday, August 12, 2009

God's Amazing Power

All God created was good. He provided everything needed for humans to live. Until humans left his path and sought their own knowledge and selfish desire, there was no self reliance, but all was dependent upon God. From this point on humans are born to trouble. They are born to hardship. They are born to weakness and disappointment. They are born to struggle and fall short. Despite all of this, Satan is still under the dominion of God, God has full control and is a billion times more powerful than Satan.

With God in full control why do bad things happen? Why are there tragedies? These are questions are near impossible for humans to wrap their minds around. People how could God let the Holocaust happen? Why does God let war happen? I view it like this we are lucky that God let just the Holocaust happen. We are lucky that God just lets war happen. We should be thankful that Hitler did not unleash the Holocaust against everyone that wasn't German. The Holocaust was a horrific and terrible occurrence, and yes it is hard to imagine, but it could have been much much worse. We should be thankful that God doesn't let demons and devils run ramped around the earth destroying everything. We should be thankful that God lets us breath because no matter what we do we are not worthy of God's love, but yet God continues to love us unconditionally.

At the point of Adam and Eve being ostracized from the garden of Eden, God put full protection around the world. This protection being from Evil and Good. Now that humans have turned their backs on God, they have opened up all of the evil possible, but thanks to God for not allowing this. God keeps us from experiencing demons running around and causing mayhem across the world and only allows a certain amount of evil to enter the world. God only allows trouble that we can handle, which may seem horrible at the time, but God is blessing you by not allowing it to be worse.

Another thing God protects us from since our original separation is his physical presence. If we were to be in the presence of God right now we would surely die. Anything and everything that is unholy in the presence of God is destroyed. So me and all humans as sinners, are not perfect, and are unholy in the presence of God and would be destroyed. So, God lets us live life to the full, and we are only allow to see God upon reaching Heaven. Upon reaching Heaven you are blameless, and holy because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Writing this brings me to understand further the power God holds. This makes me further understand when the Bible says "Fear God." If God stopped protecting us at any moment we would all instantly perish, but God does not do this because of his perfect and unconditional love for every single human that God has ever created. Thank God for loving us so much, despite knowing that we are all sinners. The least we can do is to love God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul and love all other humans as we would love ourselves.