Sunday, June 19, 2011


I crawl to the door
I am weak
I am helpless
in search of hope
I knock
he does not ask, "Who is it?"
he knows
he does not look to see who it is
he knows
he answers, "Come and sit,
all are welcome, all are loved,
I am always here
I always turn an ear."

I sit
I question
I beg
I plead
I get on my knees
I expect change,
but how can I change
when the light is on me?

How can I hear
when I drown the silence
with selfishness?
How can I spread love,
if I don't listen to its source?
If I don't hear,
why knock?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here I am

Here I am
at the peak
looking at the road behind
all I can do is,
stare and wonder
wonder and stare
the more I wonder
the more I realize
I am not at the peak
I am still in the valley
still at the beginning
peeking at the road ahead
a road split in two
a road filled with
and life
another filled with
and death
my past and future now converge
a decision I now face
in the midst of my race
Here I am

Monday, June 6, 2011

Along The River

I was floating along the river
I had never found my way
every stroke was a struggle
the water rushing over me
the rush growing louder and louder
my gasps growing shorter and shorter
the fall growing nearer and nearer
I knew how to save myself but,
let the struggle ensue
I knew how to swim upstream but,
let the rush carry me further still
all I cared to be was selfish
I let it take me over
I gave in to its will
my message chosen
my fate now sealed
it didn't happen once or twice
I made the choice all my life

Sunday, June 5, 2011


There once was a candle
waiting to be lit
its wick ready to glimmer
its dreams ready to shimmer
dreams to light the world
dreams to expose the truth
dreams to expose the love
dreams to light the dark
"But how to be lit?
I have no arms
I have no fire
all I have is desire."
One day the candle was bought
The One paid for him to be free
The One gave him fire,
The One gave him a hill
The candle's dreams now fulfilled.