Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We are all imperfect
yet all searching for thee perfect
we all fall short of who we are
all hide, run, abandon
fill ourselves with shame
a want to tear ourselves apart
our pasts weren't good enough
filled with a loneliness
colored pitch black
yet we are given something so perfect
it is so pure and free
it rewrites our tattered past
and comes to define our future
it is held by imperfection
and spreads like disease
its injected in two
and turns shame to joy
you find what you've been missing
now you'll never let go
you are both still imperfect
but you hold the cure
share with each other
to make the impure, pure

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hear His Voice

Today if you hear his voice
do not harden your heart
do not turn away
your rebellion leads to deceit
astray you will be devoured
you will be at the mercy of wolves
looking to rip you limb for limb
a hardened heart wages war
the war takes your mind captive
you can no longer be captivating
for if you live rebellious, astray, and captive
you will most certainly die

But today if you hear his voice
do not harden your heart
be still and listen
let his voice lead you to light
to the freedom of open pastures
a hardened heart is a weak heart
keep your head up
keep your heart strong

Today if you hear his voice
let him tell you a story long and true
this story is the beginning of life