Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fear First

I desire to be a man of wisdom
to carry discipline and prudence
to carry the title of wise,
I first must fear the wise
listen to the wise
breath in the words,
the proverbs and parables,
the guidance and riddles
then I can use my breath
my breath to breathe the same words
wear the words upon my neck
so when I am enticed
when I am troubled
when I am tempted
I will stand strong
I won't give in
I will be called
I will not reject the outstretched hand
I will grab hold
I refuse to let go
then only then
will I live in safety
will I be at ease
will I be without fear of harm
all because I feared Him first.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Purpose...

to bring life to the lifeless
to give a heartbeat to the heartbroken
to show a glimpse of light where there is none
to disrupt the comfort
to stand strong and not back down
to become a better man
to pour joy to the joyless
to give vision to the close-minded
to break my mold and the mold of others
to grow my heart and give it depth
to see the abandoned find rescue
to love without limit those who have been told their is a limit
to prove with God ALL is possible.