Friday, December 10, 2010

True Ambassadors For Christ

I think that this translation of 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 is amazing and truly speaks to what we should be doing with our life and truly allowing God to live through us.

"Even though I am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized - whoever.  I didn't take on their way of life.  I kept my bearings in Christ - but I entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view.  I've become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life.  I did all this because of the Message.  I didn't just want to talk about it; I wanted to be in on it!"

Immediately after reading this I think of two questions:
1. Am I living my life like this?
2. How can I live more like this?

Take some time to reflect on this passage and these questions.

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