Sunday, February 6, 2011


"The one passion of Paul's life was to proclaim the gospel of God.  He welcomed heartbreak, disillusionment, and tribulation for only one reason - these things kept him unmovable in his devotion to the gospel of God."

This quote from a Oswald Chambers devotional, has been blowing my mind all week, I still cannot fully comprehend how trusting Paul was that he would WELCOME 'heartbreak, disillusionment, and tribulation'.  To welcome someone means to kindly greet a person who you are happy to see. Paul welcomed disaster into his life, he welcomed the unknowing, the trying, the heartbreaking.  To welcome something means to gladly invite it in, when you welcome someone you give them a hug as they enter your house, Paul welcomed disaster into his life.  To be able to welcome struggle, you must have a ruthless trust in the Lord, an undivided devotion to Jesus Christ.  A trust that escapes my understanding, yet a trust I wish I had.  This trust is so unmovable and concrete, it reminds me of the faith of the Centurion (Matthew 8:5-13). Trust and obedience are key components of your relationship with Christ and that is why Paul was so passionate about preaching the gospel because by welcoming disaster into his life he learned that the only way for him to persevere was to trust and obey the Lord, our Saviour.  The more we obey the commands of our Creator and Saviour the more we show our love (John 14:21).  Remember when disaster enters your life, when you are heartbroken that the Lord placed this in your life for you to learn more of Him and for you to grow closer to Him until your devotion and trust in him are unmovable like Paul. Read (James 1:2-4,12)

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