Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Whisper

Whispers floats into my ear
the silence blinding
its loud roar I cannot hear

"Come here,
come there", I think it says

"Come where?
Where do I go?
Where do I stay?"

They sound so certain,
my mind so bare.
I ask again, "Come where?"

Is the answer rhetorical, 
is it something metaphorical? 

"Where do I go?
Where do I stay?", I say

I would sell all I have to hear this whisper
to hear it once, once more crisper
I sell it all
I give it all away

So I ask once more, 
"Where do I go?
Where do I stay?"

The whisper responds,
"Now you can hear
come near, come near
follow me, follow me."

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