Friday, November 11, 2011

My Four Walls

trapped by four walls
I built them myself
in darkness abound
I can't see my own two feet
I have everything I don't need
I stumble over and over again
over obstacles I can't see
I reach out for anyone,
but its too dark to reach
the darkness drowns me
it repressed me deeper
and yet deeper still
it fills my lungs
and fills my brain
the darkness pumps in my heart
and runs through my veins
it consumes me
it becomes who I am
the darkness chains my two feet
right next to my grave
I close my eyes
now abandoned for good
trapped by my four walls
I built them myself
in darkness abound
years later I hear a chipping
I hear a voice, a murmur
I hear chunks of drywall shatter on the ground
slowly I hear tiny crackles come from one wall
I begin to feel warm rays of light,
but my eyes sting and I shut them further
small rays of light must have slipped through the cracks
I have been in the dark so long
I resist and my eyes stay shut
yet someone is still chipping away
tearing down my walls
they start smashing holes into the wall
I hear their thunderous strikes breaking through
as light begins to flood
like water rushing through a dam
after years I finally hear the wall crumble and fall
I feel vulnerable and exposed
yet feel warmth and joy
for the first time since I was a little child
I can taste freedom
light touches my skin,
but they don't come to free me
they leave me in my shackles
they move to the next wall
and start hammering again

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