Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Enter Life

"What good must I do to get life?", I ask
'You must let go of what you know
and hold on to what is true', he responded
I struggle and wrestle
a battle internally
a battle eternally
how do I let go
when what I hold
is all I know
to step off the boat
into the water,
will I sink?
will I float?
the man returns and says,
"If you empty your life
you will float
you can only rise
with the freedom I'll give you
will you enter?
will you run?"
I choose to enter,
but I enter alone
alone I am
with no freedom
loneliness only broken by selfishness
what I thought I entered,
I hadn't entered at all
the wise man returns a third time
he says to me,
"Alone this is impossible"
I ask the wise man,
"Will you stay and talk?"
A relationship then formed
a life soon reborn.

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