Friday, December 20, 2013

The Unknown

You plan your steps
you set your sights
you think the future is yours
you are sadly mistaken
you fight & claw for control
effort wasted
misplaced, self disgraced
"You are in control.
Whatever you want is yours."

Then it all crumbles
all you can muster are mumbles
your mind full of false rumbles
you lay down and stay down
shut it all out
until it your mind takes a clout
its all fragments of what it could be
all stagnant remnants of what was
your plan never had traction
it was all talk
no control over action
your will never stood a chance
had no craft
had no counsel
had no backbone

You plan your steps
you set your sights
but control isn't yours to hone
you can never attain it
never can you claim it
"I'm the man.
I've worked so hard.
I want it so bad.
It's mine now."

Your sadly mistaken
you wield no weight
your words don't control your fate
yet you still wrestle
you yet still debate
control you'll never own
its not yours to set in stone

You must travel into the unknown
control you must disown
your perfect plans postpone
give them up
slay the throne
freedom comes in the dethroned

You must take blind steps
you must see the dark
drown in the freedom of the unknown

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