Sunday, April 5, 2009

It was His Choice

Jesus is the solution to the problem, that we all have. The problem: we are all sinners, and we all turn our backs on God and go our own way. Us going our own way is a problem because without God we are helpless, we can't do anything, we need God's love it is a necessity. So how is Jesus the solution? Well, Jesus is the ONLY solution to our problem. This is only part of what Jesus went through for us: he was stripped naked, a crown of thorns smashed upon his head, receiving continuous vicious blows to the head, mocking being called "The King of the Jews", begin spat on, carrying his own cross on his back to Golgotha where he already knew he was going to be crucified, nails pierced his wrists and feet. The only way for him to breathe upon the cross was to lift himself up, which cause the nails in his wrists to dig deeper into his flesh and tear away at his wrists, but this was the only way he could survive. As Jesus suffered upon the cross, the religious leaders and Romans continued to mock him calling to him, "Come down from the cross, if you are the son of God." Jesus continued to stay and suffer upon the cross. At any point in this sequence of events Jesus could have stopped all of this, he could have stopped the suffering the crucifixion, but this was his choice. This was a plan between Jesus and God for Jesus to be the perfect and only sacrifice to repair our relationship with God. Yes, all of the physical pain Jesus suffered was excruciatingly painful, but what he experiences next brings him the most pain of all. Next, all of the sin of the world are put on Jesus' shoulders. All of the sins that existed before that point in time, all of the sin going on right now, and all of the sin that has yet to take place in our lives, all of it was placed on Jesus' heart. This was the 1st time Christ's perfect connection from God was broken and he was separated from God. For the 1st time Jesus' experiences sin, without God he could no longer survive. He was so dependent upon God and so in sync with him, that the first time Jesus experienced life without him, he died. Jesus said, " 'It is finished.' With that he bowed his head and gave up his spirit (John 19:30)." Why would Jesus' last words be "It is finished"? Why would the savior of the world's last words be "It is finished"? There is definitely a valuable meaning behind Jesus' choice of words. Jesus' plan to save the world was now complete, He had become the ultimate sacrifice for the world. The plan that Jesus and God formulated was now finished. The disbelievers that crucified Jesus now said, "Surely He is the Son of God." Now they believed. But, the story does not end here.
Jesus is now taken down from the cross and is placed in his cave-tomb and an enormous boulder is pushed in front to cover the entrance and guards are placed outside of his tomb to guard Jesus' grave. Now a couple of days pass and Mary comes to visit Jesus' grave to find that he is gone, disappeared. She asks the guards what had happened and they were clueless. Next, and angel comes to talk to Mary and tells her that Jesus has been raised from the dead, he is resurrected, He is alive. But How do we know this is true? How do we know that someone didn't come and steal Jesus' body and then spread a rumor that he was alive? We know from the Bible. After Jesus' resurrection he showed himself to his apostles and numerous people in the Bible.
This story is true. This story is incredible. Jesus was dead, but now he is alive. This changes everything, this changes the whole world. We do not worship a God that is dead and buried in a cave, but we worship a living God. We worship a God who conquered death, a God who lives with us right now no matter where we are.
Jesus was faced with a choice, suffer and die for us and the world or to continue to live his own life, sinless, in complete unison with God, perfect. He chose to suffer and die and sacrifice himself for sinners, for us. Now we have a choice to make, to live for ourselves and for the temporary things of this world or to live for a savior who died for us, to give our life to Jesus Christ. What choice will you make? I have chosen to give my life to Jesus Christ and have and still am experiencing life to the fullest. You can do the same, Jesus made his choice now it is time for you to make yours.

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