Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

Wilderness Day 1:  On the way to Wilderness I was thinking of my salvation and how Jesus has changed my life.

Every inch of me broke
on every word I choke
my heart ripped in two
my mind beaten black and blue
all by my choice
all done by my voice
my choice to please me
my voice says, "leave me be"
I run away, don't look back
I run down my own track
I am like a stray sheep
my price is not cheap,
but my shepherd buys me still
he wants my heart to be fulfilled
he buys me with his own blood
his love rushes over me like a flood
he take me to the river to drink
my sins are gone as I blink
my life starts brand new
my mind with a clear view
my shepherd saved my soul
as he paid my price and my toll

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