Saturday, July 16, 2011

God's Hand

Wilderness Day 2: I woke up and grabbed a seat right by the lake in a valley surrounded by mountains and was blessed with this beautiful view and beautiful thoughts.

I rise on an early July morning
all I see is God's creation
the deep oranges and yellows rise with me
the vivid rays reflecting off the lake
as a foggy mist glides over its reflection
the sky an easy blue
with no clouds blocking my view
all I hear is God's creation
the squawking of his birds
the bellowing of his cows
the intentional moments of silence
to hear his precious whispers
all that are with me are God's creation
guides to show us the way of the trail
leaders to show the young Christ's way
and young men seeking and yearning for a way to live
all I am surrounded by is God's creation
the mountains of San Juan containing it all
its ridges and peaks
its dives and climbs
its overlaps and ranges
engulfing us into a valley
the size of God's hand
his hand holding only
majestic, raw, unrivaled beauty

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