Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Young Man's Heart

Wilderness Day 3: In the Early Afternoon after we had time to share life stories and discuss some of what God has placed in the Bible for us, I wrote this poem.

To unravel one's mind is a tricky bit
to unravel another's takes some wit
the mind is filled with the right answers,
but that's just the start
if you dig deeper you'll find a man's heart
raw, bare, and flawed,
but the heart is where truth sleeps
emotions buried deep down
they don't come out
you give them no sound
you lock them up and store them away
while your heart runs wild
and all you feel is dismay
one day you will use the key
pour out your heart and its doubts
expose your heart to the light
and share your deepest darkest plights
when the rubble and clout disappear
you will find love has come near

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