Friday, July 22, 2011

My Sins are Gone

Wilderness Day 5: We started an Alpine hike at 3 am to begin day 5 and this is a recap of my ascension to the top of the mountain.  We carried rocks with us to represent our sin then threw them off of the mountain to represent that we are forgiven and our sins are gone.

As I lay in my sleeping bag
my eyes awoke to a starlight sky
surrounded by only the darkness
surrounded by only the wilderness
in a hurry I grabbed my pack and began to hike
my only vision granted from my head and the stars above
all to catch the sun climbing into the sky
I hiked up steep inclines and slopes
covered in rocks and stones
on my ascension,
I grabbed the biggest rock I could bare
placed it in my hands
and carried its burdens over my head
the one who went before me did the same
so how could I rest?
how could I give in?
he carried everyone's rock
and I could hardly carry one
as I reached the mountain's peak
my arms quivering, strength dwindling
I took my rock to the edge
and sent it diving down the mountainside
when the rock landed it shattered into pieces
the work finished as I said,
"My sins are gone."

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