Sunday, August 7, 2011


I go to the depths
I stray from home
once again I left
once again I'm alone
I go from home to home
where do I stay?
All are temporary,
but one remains the same
they are all built on sand
when the Earth shakes
they crumble
when it rains
they leak
when the wind blows
their foundation creaks
when the waters rise
they all flood
yet their is still one different
one built on a rock
when your Earth shakes
it reinforces
through winds and storms
it stands tall
it only grows stronger
even when I reject it
even when I try to destroy it
I take my axe and hammer
and try to tear it down
piece by piece,
but I can't remove the cornerstone
it is unbreakable
it is unmovable
when I tear it down
someone is building it back up
I am always welcome
the owner always inviting me in
each day I choose a new home
I ask, "Which shall I choose?"
the truth remains the same

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