Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I refuse to surrender
I believe in me,
yet what I believe in
doesn't know where to go

I refuse to surrender
I am strong enough
to carry all the weight,
yet I always fall

I refuse to surrender
I work hard
I am accomplished,
yet I am never enough

I refuse to surrender
I can go the distance alone
I am experienced and sharpened,
yet I stumble and collapse

I refuse to surrender
I am wise beyond my years
I know all that is right,
yet my mind is divided

I refuse to surrender
I deserve abundance
I am extraordinary,
yet I deserve absolutely nothing

Why don't I surrender?
surrender my pride
surrender my selfishness
surrender my false strength
surrender my entitlement

If I abandon it all
I will gain more than the world
if I succumb to the one
I will not be alone

If I abdicate my throne
I will gain liberty
if I relinquish my power
I will see clearly

I need to surrender
for I am too weak to crawl
and He is strong enough to move mountains
Give in, surrender

Gain freedom, gain love
gain wisdom, gain peace
gain grace, gain mercy
surrender to the one who loves you most.

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