Monday, August 1, 2011


The world is savvy and dark
its sneaky and misleading
it puts us behind bars
it contains us
it enslaves us
it bottles us up
until we're breathless
it encages us
until we give up
it gives us an easy path
a wide path filled with obsession
filled with the estranged
it ties us down
so we don't move
it blindfolds us
so we don't see
it speaks to us
so we don't hear
it gives us what we don't need
how do we escape?
where is freedom?
its in the light
smothered by darkness
but the light breaks through
you choose to see the light
the light guides you
it ignites you
it delights you
you delight in it
the light is truth
the light is righteousness
the light is love
the light is life
the light overcomes the dark
the light is freedom
do you want to be free?
you must first choose the light

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