Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here Is Love

Love is not just words
it is not what you speak
Love does not just come from the mouth
it is hard to define for some,
but for those who are wise
Love is already defined
they search and search
some spend their whole life,
but the definition is clear
they buy what others are selling
they overpay for lies
lies that leave you stranded
lies that leave you with tears
lies that leave you devastated
you feel like a ghost
with no home or hope
with no purpose or passion
with no life or love
you've purchased an existence
no one would pay for,
but you buy it
before you know it
real Love has a price too
but it is paid for you
real Love is always here
it is constant
a rock that cannot be moved
Love is words that act but,
it is not just a single act
Love is everyday
Love is sacrifice
it is saying goodbye to yourself
and welcoming devotion to need
Love is persistent
when you are scared
it is holding you
when you fall down
it's grace picks you up
Love does not fail
it always desires you
Love is two hearts becoming one
so when you are weak,
then you are strong
Love is the savior,
that has shown us all this before
he is Love.
if the Love you find isn't his
you have overpaid for far less,
than you have already been given.

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